Dementia Care Services Dementia Care Xenia, OH

Dementia Care Xenia, OH
At Pristine Senior Living & Post-Acute Care of Xenia, we offer specialized care for all stages of dementia in a safe, caring and comfortable environment. Our specially-trained staff is passionate about our commitment to provide individuals with dementia and memory loss with a secure and comforting place to call home. Dementia Care Xenia, OH

We also offer specialized rehabilitation to home for patients with memory deficits. Many times the family of a person with memory loss or dementia prefers to care for their loved one at home. Our facility offers out-patient therapy as well as rehabilitation to home for those experiencing dementia and memory loss. We will work with the patient as well as the family to facilitate the patients recovery to a point of returning back home and in the care of loved ones. Dementia Care Xenia, OH

Feel free to call or stop in for a tour and ask about our dementia and memory loss care.